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January 27, 2010 / Katy

I went to school so I wouldn’t be a fool…

I remember sitting in Geometry in the 10th grade thinking, “I’m never going to use this.”  True.  And I said the same thing when I sat through Algebra I, II, and Trigonometry.  I don’t remember squat from those classes and I’ve never used a thing I learned.  What was the point?

For so many students, the upper level math classes are a huge challenge and cause nothing more than stress, torture, and an unnecessary bad grade.  Math classes always offer tutoring and the tutoring classes are always full.  I remember going to the learning center in college to get help with my math modeling class (pointless class) and I would have to wait in line to get help!  The place was packed with students getting help with math.

So, what’s my point?  Why don’t they teach you useful things.. like how to calculate discounts easily when shopping.  Hello?!   Made-up scenario: I’m in store…  I found a shirt for 24.99 and a dress for 44.99.  The shirt is 45% off and the dress is 25% off.   I need fast math!  That’s important.

Annnnd, why don’t they have a class on doing your taxes?!   All I know about taxes is that they’re due on April 15.   That’s not much help.  I’ll be calling dad for help!  

Or what about a class on balancing a checkbook?   I mean, yes, the computer does it for me now, and it IS just simple math, but still.. that’s something we use.  Figuring out if train A will reach the station twice as fast as train B does me no good.  I will read the train schedule, thank you.   And I don’t know about you, but I don’t ride trains..

I believe the things I learned in math from kindergarden to 5th grade, are the only things I use.  That, and my calculator.


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