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January 30, 2010 / Katy

This GA girl has not seen this much snow.

All week they’ve been calling for a “winter storm” this weekend, and because of the weather people’s previous predictions, no one really believed it would be true.  But they weren’t kidding this time!   I went to work yesterday (Friday) at my normal time, 7:30am.  It was not snowing and the roads were completely clear.  By 9:30am, we were sent home due to “inclement weather.”   I’ll be honest, this GA girl has rarely seen this much snow, nor does she know what to do with it!   And the times I have seen this much, I’ve been skiing on it.  So, here’s some pics of the SNOW!

the view when leaving work at 9:30am

my complex around 10:30am Friday

hanging out in the snow

Saturday morning

Hillsboro Pike

Green Hills.. notice you can't see the lines. You just pretend you can.

Lombardy Ave


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