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August 21, 2012 / Katy

To the Little Girl in Purple Polka-Dots


There are about two things you think about when you find out you’re going to become an aunt:

1) How do I make sure I’m the coolest aunt ever?

2) When can I take the kid to Disney World?

I’m still trying to figure out those answers.

Today, the little girl in purple polka-dots turns 2 and I am one proud aunt.  Shelby (SJ) may talk ALOT.  She may ask alot of questions that you don’t always feel like answering AGAIN.  She may want to listen to “Own the Night” for the eleventh time in a row.  She may play with your phone so much that it starts functioning in a different language.  But she will never have to question my love for her.

Spend two minutes with a two-year-old who shows you how to color or tells you, “I carry you” when in fact you are carrying her, and then tell me you can’t see joy in this broken world.

Try walking in a room to have a munchkin run straight into your legs and wrap her arms them and then tell me that true happiness is a lie.

When she’s a teenager and I’m completely out-of-touch with anything that’s cool, but still trying to explain to her how to be a girl worth being friends with in high school, she may roll her eyes and not speak to me.  But for now, I’ll take any SJ-time I can get; all Elmo-overload, country music-watching, elephant-obsession; mac&cheese-loving time.

The little baby in the purple polka-dots is quickly becoming a little girl,  but she will always have my heart.

Happy 2nd Birthday, SJ!

When do we go to Disney World?


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