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May 31, 2012 / Katy

Vacay Recap


From left to right: (back row) Dre, Katy, Caroline, Katie, Kelsey; (front row) Megan & Jayme

With every retreat, getaway, or vacation comes those precious memories that you cherish and look back on with a smile and warm heart.  Even better, though, are the inside jokes.  

This past weekend, I went to Siesta Key, FL with 6 great friends for some relaxing, tanning, and quality time with the girls.  It was an absolute blast and exactly what I needed.  I returned grateful for incredible friends, mentally refreshed, and sporting a nice tan too 🙂

The disappointing part about trips is that I always want all of my friends and family to share in the fun.  Telling you about the awkward things that were said, the embarrassing moments, and the endless dancing is not as fun for you because you were not there.  But I’ll at least try to give you a glimpse of what went down:

  • Sing-a-longs: We conquered every top 40 song on the radio; from One Direction’s super catchy song to any pop song containing the word “tonight” in the chorus.  I’m typically not a fan of let’s-break-out-in-song-in-public, but take me on vacation and all rules are broken.
  • Dance moves: We quickly learned that Megan has a standard dance move that I like to call “the strong arm.”  Whether she was singing “Gator Boots” or “Boyfriend” the arm was snapping and shaking.  Kelsey and Dre also came up with a new dance sequence that is said to rival the dancing moves from the popular YouTube video featuring the Harvard baseball team.  It involves starting with a simple finger bend and ends with a full out head bang & body shake.  Yup.  
  • Awkward moments: Please see Dre.
  • Lobster: We bought a new trivia game for the trip (I know, I know, I’m not big on games, but I was out-numbered).  Megan and I admittedly are the least competitive of the group, so when it comes to shouting out answers quickly- we know we’re not the #1 pick to win.  But lemme tell you- Meg showed us all up with one simple answer: Lobster. Also note:  give Caroline a year and she can tell you any random fact you want to know.
  • M&Ms: someone please give Katie Richards a lesson on the difference in pretzal M&Ms and peanut butter M&Ms.  When you combine the 2 in a bowl, apparently it’s not so easy to tell the difference.  We played many rounds of M&M Roulette. She just couldn’t seem to find the peanut better ones 🙂
  • Belts: Jayme’s parents were incredibly gracious to offer up their house and cars for 4 days so the 7 of us could stay for free.  We had a great time with Jayme’s family and quickly learned about Jayme’s mom’s love for clothes.  The first night we realized she had us beat on the amount of clothes we own because she had a whole closet dedicated just to her belts.
  • Tamas: the cute waiter from Hungry.  That’s all you need to know.
  • First date watching: We took it upon ourselves to commentate the events of a first date that was happening at the table across from us one night at dinner.  Consensus?  She paid for the meal while he was in the bathroom.  It was all down hill from there.
  • Airplane check-in: Best way to get 7 girls to remember to check-in to their Southwest flight so they can get a good boarding position?  Turn it into a competition.  It got ugly.  
  • Sunburn:  I used to hate when my mom would make me wear a t-shirt and hat on the beach when I was kid, but I’ll have you know by day 3 on the beach, I was wearing a t-shirt and hat.  The Florida rays didn’t hold back on our Tennessee-washed skin, and most of us were wincing in pain after 1 day on the beach.  Please see Kelsey on the effectiveness of spray on sunscreen.  And please see Dre on a lesson about the expiration date of sunscreen. 

Ladies and gents, the trip was a blast.  And if you saw my pics from Twitter & FB throughout the trip and asked yourself if Katy ever took her hat off the whole time, the answer is no.  Beach = very little make-up and lots of hats.


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