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May 12, 2012 / Katy

DFW All-Nighter

Friday night I had a 9:55pm flight from Dallas to Nashville that was canceled. The not-so-convenient part about was they didn’t cancel it until 12:25am. Needless to say there was a long line of unhappy travelers. I was booked on the 7am flight for Saturday and decided since there was no free hotel offered I would pull an all-nighter in the airport. I found myself wanting to talk to people throughout the night but because everyone was sleeping, I kept a running list of my thoughts. I know. I shouldn’t have. And you’re welcome.

1:50am: This place would make for one heck of a hide and seek game.

2:00am: I really need a jacket.

2:48am: My neighbor is snoring.

2:57am: Is it 7am yet?

3:00am: Super thankful that I put my glasses and deodorant in my carry-on.

3:01am: When does Dunkin Donuts open?

3:05am: Did I really just think “hmm now would be a good time to write marketing plans?”

3:15am: I really want to wake my friends up right now.

3:26am: Time to take a lap.

3:34am: Oh that poor lady with the baby..

3:47am: Nope, don’t do it. That cot looks nasty.

4:00am: I need an extra long weekend.

4:14am: How soon will someone be awake to talk to?

4:25am: What is so special about terminal d?

4:46am: Bringing my phone charger in my carry-on was the best decision ever.

5:00am: I should blog about this.


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