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March 6, 2012 / Katy

Meet my roomies.

I’m sorry that title is a bit bossy.  (nah, I ain’t sorry.)

This weekend I moved into a new house and gained some new roommates!  (Note: pics of house to come… right now it looks like boxes and clutter all over the place)

These girls are really great friends of mine, with super fun jobs and hobbies, and I think you need to know them.  Again, sorry for the bossiness.

Meet Caroline:

 Caroline, or as I like to call her, CG, has been 1 of 2 my roommates for the past 1.5 years.  She’s a good friend AND co-worker and she helps me be a “greener” person by making me recycle. 

Fun facts:

She has a super funny Bachelor recap every Monday night after the show.  Follow her on twitter: @carolinepgreen

She’s the most handy woman I’ve ever met.  Forget calling a man to fix things, Caroline can do it.

She totes can make balloon animals. 

Texas Rangers fan all the way.



Meet Kelsey:

I met Kelsey through my friend, Andrea, because the two were in a church community group together.  She’s super witty, shares my love for mexican food, and the friendliest face at Avenue Bank.

Fun facts:

Kelsey’s easy to spot with her bright red curly hair.  In fact, she and I went to be extras in a music video that my brother directed and he had to kindly ask her to move because her hair was blocking the artist.  Gotta love that story 🙂

She’s a self-proclaimed movie and TV buff.  But really, she knows her stuff.

You can find Kelsey’s hair on the cover of From a Distance written by her talented mother, Tamera Alexander.




Meet Megan:

 I also met Megan through Andrea and she has been Kelsey’s roommate for the past few years.  Megan hates cold weather, loves pizza, and works in marketing over at EMI.

Fun facts:

She has the diet of a 5 yr old.  If we’re out for Mexican it’s a quesadilla with chicken and cheese only.  And if we’re eating hamburgers, hers is plain.  But that’s why we love Meg.

She’s super crafty.  I mean super.  You have got to check out her blog and etsy shop.  She makes me wish I was crafty.  But really I’d just rather marvel at her work then actually do it 🙂  Good thing she’s my new roomie- her crafts will come in handy!

Today is her 26th birthday!!  So, hop over to her blog and leave her a nice comment AND you will have a chance to win some free stuff from her etsy shop.  You’re welcome.

See?  You want to know these girls, right?  I’m totally blessed to live with all 3 of them.



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  1. Megan K. / Mar 6 2012 5:39 pm

    Thanks for the kind words friend! Glad I’m loved despite my weird eating habits 🙂

  2. Stephanie Hughes / Mar 7 2012 9:20 am

    Too cute! I did not know your friend Kelsey’s mom is Tamara Alexander! I love her books!! Can’t wait to see y’all’s new house. 🙂


  1. We’re movin’ on up… to Brentwood « Kelsey (To Be Determined)

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