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August 23, 2011 / Katy

What’s new.

Well, the last thing I posted was about the dead rodent we had in our house.  So, let me update you on the rest of the details in my life over the past month:

1)  My niece turned 1 on the 21st.  Can you believe that?  She’s the cutest thing and is really fun to be around.  We celebrated her birthday with all of our family in Augusta and it was great to see everyone!

2) Ansley turned 30- whoo hoo!  We celebrated her birthday with her family and mine and it was really great to all be together.  Adam surprised Ansley with tickets to see Keith Urban and Clay, Connie, and I got to go along!

3) I bought a new car.  Or I guess we should say I traded cars.  I bought a car back in December, but wasn’t happy with it and really missed being in a SUV.  So I made a trade and now am a proud owner of  a Toyota Highlander.  Whoop.

4) We found another dead mouse in the house.   Awesome.  Mickey Mouse Club all up in my house.

5)  I began online classes yesterday to pursue a Masters degree in Religion with an emphasis in Church Ministry.  It is exciting/scary/overwhelming to be back in school again.  It’s also really interesting to balance a full time work schedule with school work.  Week 1 is going well, but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

6) I got to see 2 of my best friends this past weekend in Atlanta.  Two of my Nash-besties and I went down to Atlanta to enjoy a Braves game and I was able to see Tinsley and Dana while I was there.  Dana and I, of course, have not spoken since March because we’re terrible communicators.  We’ve accepted it though and picked up right where we left off.   I’m looking forward to a BFF reunion weekend (with all 5 of my people) in the mountains coming up in November!

7) In 9 days I take off with some of my Nash-besties and head to Hilton Head for a few days! I. can’t. wait.  Praying any and all hurricanes stay away….

And for now.. that is all!



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