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July 14, 2011 / Katy

The Mickey Hunt: Part 1

I really hope there is only a part 2 to this series, and it will be only to tell you that Mickey is gone.

Mickey is the mouse living in or around our house and thus driving 3 20-something girls crazy.

Two weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning and found my roommate, Caroline, pulling out a kitchen drawer and washing all of the flatware (you appreciate me naming it correctly, CG? 🙂 )  She quickly informed me that she woke up to finding mouse droppings in our flatware silverware drawer (ok, I just can’t call it flatware!)

You can imagine my reaction.

A) There’s a mouse in our house? B) He’s pooping next to the things we eat with?  C) Gross.

Caroline cleaned out the whole drawer, checked the rest of the kitchen, and left out 2 traps.

The next day, I came home to find that Mickey had been back, ignored the trap like it was just a new decoration, and again used the bathroom.

And so began our Mickey Hunt.

We thought we could handle Mickey on our own by just using the traps we put down, but Mickey out-smarted us.  So, we called in the professionals.  Little did I know that the professional would just come in, tell me where he “thinks” Mickey is coming from and also set out traps.

There are 4 sticky traps and 2 snap traps scattered throughout our kitchen.  Don’t worry, the snap trap’s under the sink, so you will not hear any of us Biltmore Girls screaming from pinched toes.

Trap check morning 1– one trap had moved from one corner of the kitchen to another.  Mystery?  Ghost?  No.  Evil Mickey.  Upon further exploring, I saw that Mickey had indeed gotten into the sticky trap, drug himself and the trap across the floor and somehow escaped.  How did I know?  I found Mickey hair stuck all inside the trap.  Extra gross.

Trap check morning 2– No movement, no Mickey.  I put peanut butter inside the traps per Mr. Professional’s suggestion.  The peanut butter was still there the next morning.

Trap check afternoon 2– Trap caught a spider.  At least it’s good for something.

All I know is that it better just be Mickey, and not The Mickey Mouse Club all up in our house…  If that’s the case, you can fully expect me to start naming the other rodents Justin, Britney, and Christina.

To be continued…


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