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May 17, 2011 / Katy

Happy Birthday, Erika!

Today is my best friend, Erika’s, 24th birthday!

Let me tell you some fun facts about Erika and our friendship:

1)  I met Erika my first week of college because she lived down the hall from me in the dorm.  She missed her very first college class because her alarm clock didn’t go off. 🙂

2) Erika has dyed her hair way too many times to keep count.

3) She is going into her third year as a Staff Associate with Young Life in Cobb County.  She has a huge heart for teenagers and is really good at what she does!  Fun fact- Erika and I started our jobs on the exact same day: July 15, 2009.

4) Our senior year of college, we had every class together.  How crazy is that?!

5) She is a music fanatic, and introduced me to soo many new artists during college.  But no one can top her favorite musician, Matt Wertz.

6) She’s one of my 5 best friends from college who I call “my people.”  They know me.  They get me.  And after sharing the same majors, doing ministry together, and being inseparable for 4 years, Erika definitely knows me well!

Do you want to join me in giving Erika a great birthday present?  She’s selling bracelets to help send high school students to Young Life camp this summer; an experience those kids will NEVER forget!   Let me know if you’d like to buy some, and I’ll hook you up!

Happy Birthday, Erika!


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