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April 26, 2011 / Katy

One of those days.

This past Sunday, I celebrated Easter with my family and friends, and it was one of those “I love Nashville” days.

My parents were able to come up and spend the weekend.  They joined me and a few friends at Cross Point for the 8:30a.m. service.  I loved that they had the opportunity to visit and experience my church.  I associate church with home, because  it was such a large part of my foundation, so I felt like I was showing my parents part of my home here in Nashville.

Church was followed by a brunch at SouthernBred with my parents, brother, SIL, niece, my roommates, 3 of my parents’ honorary children, and other special Nash friends.  We were the loudest table of 15 + 2 highchairs in the place, and we enjoyed every biscuit, corn bread, and cinnamon bun they had.   It was the perfect combination of family and friends (although we really missed Clay and Connie!)  While I made fun of Annie for tearing up as we all sat down to eat together, I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Lunch followed brunch, but don’t worry, I didn’t eat again!  My roommates and I were graciously invited to a co-worker’s home to enjoy Easter with her family and friends.  It’s become their tradition to invite those that don’t have other family in town to spend Easter together, and we so enjoyed being a part of the mix.

Once the church and eating part of our Sunday was complete, we headed to the park to meet up with friends and relax.  Because it was Easter, the idea of doing an egg toss was born, and resulted in my team being the first lose (sorry Curt), and egg all over my arms.   But the park was perfect.   How can you beat relaxing their with good friends on a beautiful day?  You can’t.

And in case you still want to read the play-by-play of the day…

The park was followed by playing sand volleyball for 2 hours.   Now, disclaimer: I stink at volleyball.  In fact, I only agreed to go if I could watch, but as things usually go they needed one more to make the teams even, so I hopped in and most likely embarrassed my athletic friends.  But it was blast.

I got home at 8 that night, tired and sore, but wishing that every day could be like that Sunday; that every day I could look down the row at church and see my parents as well as good friends.  And every day I could sit down at the dinner table with some of my favorite people, followed by a day of being outside.

It was perfect.  It was special.  And as my 2 year Nash-a-versary approaches, it made me grateful, once again, that Nashville is the place I call home.


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