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April 6, 2011 / Katy

Our Mega Hit

Last night, I was attempting to clean my room.  It usually goes like this:

Start putting clothes away.  Notice book I never finished on shelf.  Stop to look at book.  Start reading.  Cleaning over.

And last night was no different.  This time, though, I found a notebook that my best friend, Caroline,  gave me when we graduated from college.  It’s a songwriting notebook that she found at a bookstore and gave me, because she is one of the few that know I have written a few songs.

I don’t share that much.  Basically, because I don’t think my songs are very good.  But that’s a whole different story..

When I opened the music notebook, there was a note in the front cover from Caroline, and a P.S which said- “I thought it’d be appropriate to start this book off with the song we wrote in 6th grade.”

Oh my.  Feelings of embarrassment, humor, and innocence came over me as I read through the lyrics of the song we wrote together in her room when we were 12.  The cheesiness of it was embarrassing, but our pure innocence and ability to write truth was about the cutest thing I’ve ever read.

The complexity of the song is about on the level of Vacation Bible School Sing-a Longs with the chorus starting out as “Jesus we love you.. ” but back then we thought we were pretty talented.

And we were.  We just didn’t know it.

Taylor Swift hadn’t come along yet to show the world that a teenage girl can write songs on her own and they can become #1 hits.  Of course, our song (not to be confused with Swift’s mega hit, Our Song) would probably only make it as far as a “Sunday School’s Favorite Hits” album, but who knows, maybe those royalty checks are just as big…. 🙂


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