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February 25, 2011 / Katy

Chocolate with a hint of ginger.

Every winter I get bored with my look.  I think it’s because I’m sick of staying inside all of the time and having pale, white skin.  So, it always seems to happen that I’ll come up with some spontaneous idea.

One year, it was to pierce my cartilage.  (note: the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done.)

Another year I bought the “dye your hair at home” kit and dyed my hair black.

So this year the time came, and the itch to do something spontaneous arrived, and I decided I needed to do one of 3 things: 1) pierce something, 2) get a tattoo (my mom just had a heart attack reading that), or 3) dye my hair.

Considering I have nothing left that I want to pierce (cartilage is about as adventurous as I get) and have no desire for a tattoo (you’re welcome, Mom), hair-dying was the answer.

I again bought the do-it-yourself kit, but that was messy, slightly unsuccessful, and faded quickly.  So, yesterday I called up my super talented hair stylist, Amy, at Breon Salon and went in with my challenge.

After discussion, confession of trying to dye my own hair, and understanding of the word “auburn” this what I got! :

And I’m so happy with it!  Amy is the best!  Seriously.

I’m calling the color “chocolate with a hint of ginger.”  In the light it’s red, but without light it’s brown.  It’s like when the vampires sparkle in the sun in Twlight..  (that’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever said.)

So, what color do you call it?  Brown or red?




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  1. Dana / Feb 25 2011 4:14 pm

    my favorite part is the fact that you compared your hair to twilight. and really this is caroline posting. haha i miss you!!

  2. Dana / Mar 1 2011 8:08 pm

    haha I was so confused, because I was wondering how I already commented on this blog post that I just read. but I like the hint of ginger, spices things up a bit.

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