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December 8, 2010 / Katy

A list.

This is not my Christmas list.

In fact, you would not be impressed by my Christmas list this year.  It includes boring things like computer software and socks.  I swear I’m cooler than my Christmas list.

No, this is the list of things that make me wonder why I wish for new presents to open at Christmas; why I drool over anything in the Apple store, and go on a mission to find the perfect boots in the mall.

This is the list of things in my life that make me sit back everyday and wonder how in the world I am so blessed to be surrounded by such great people.

Here’s what excites me this week:


1.  My friend, Annie, released her first book, From Head To Foot, yesterday.    Seriously, go buy a copy. You can click over to Amazon and grab one.  Annie is a super talented writer, and not to mention- a great friend.

2.  Monday night, I got to witness Shelby roll over for the first time.  It was so cool!  I love that baby to death.

3.  My friends, Graham and Hillary, left early this morning for Haiti.  They’ll be gone until the 19th.  How cool is it that they’ve given up the busiest time of the year to go help out in Haiti?

4. My roommate, Caroline, loves Christmas decorations, and my roommate, Dre, loves to bake.  All of this equals a cute house and yummy cookies for me!

5. And last but not least, my friend of 17  years, Lindsay, is getting married on Saturday!!  I am thrilled to get to be her maid of honor, and I can’t wait to celebrate with her and Dan.  This weekend is going to be sooo much fun.


There you have it.  It’s the small things in life like seeing a 3.5 month old roll over and the big things like watching friends live out their dreams, but these are the things that make me happier than unwrapping a box of new clothes.

(although, if it’s anything from Anthropology, that might be a lie. 🙂 Jokes, people, jokes.)







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  1. Caroline / Dec 8 2010 5:41 pm

    Just when I was worried my Christmas cheer was getting a little pushy…

    You are one lucky girl to have such fab friends 🙂

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