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September 20, 2010 / Katy

My Morning Music.

It’s not a secret that I’m not a morning person.  Ask my parents.  Ask my roommates.  Ask my boss.  It takes a good hour for me to warm up to the idea of speaking.

Some people use coffee to wake them up, a morning jog, or a big breakfast.  Me?  Well, there is no trick.

But there is one thing that is a necessity to my morning; one thing that can improve my morning attitude a bit.. if only just a bit.


More importantly, my “morning drive music.”

This can’t be a morning radio talk show, and it can’t be anything too slow.  Both of those are hazardous to my health in the morning.  And yours.  Do you want me to fall back asleep at the wheel?

No, it needs to be a) upbeat or b) inspirational.

I need something to dance to or something to remind me of my purpose at the ungodly hour.

And I usually play a song on repeat for the whole 20 min ride, so this means the choice of song is very important!  Here’s some of my Wake-Me-Up-Morning-Drive music:

Dave Barnes: God Gave Me You (I love this song all the time, not just in the morning.)

*NSYNC: Dirty Pop (if you tell me you can listen to this and not dance, you lie.)

Josh Kelley:  Georgia Clay (this is a great one for summer)

Hillsong United:  None But Jesus (yes it’s slow, but talk about getting your heart in the right place first thing in the AM)

GLEE’s version of:  I Dreamed a Dream (again slow, but hello, you can totally sing along!)

Lady Antebellum:  Hello World (played this one for about a week straight.. and probably cried every time)

Katy Perry: Teenage Dreams (crank up the volume and just drive)

Michael Buble: Haven’t Met You Yet (how cute is that song?)

Any more suggestions??  Bring em’ on!  I love my morning music.  My co-workers will appreciate it too..


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  1. Dana / Sep 23 2010 9:24 pm

    You left out Bieber! I know he’s made the morning music list. Biebs just wants nod.

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