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June 30, 2010 / Katy

[ x ] Pack, [ x ] Move, [ ] Unpack

Well moving day has come and gone, and let me tell you.. I am so glad!   Rooms and I spent all of Friday evening and night packing, taking loads of clothes down our 3 flights of stairs, filling our cars with the never-ending junk that kept coming out of our rooms.    But, after many trips up and down the stairs of our condo, (and a huge thanks to Caroline for her help), our part of the moving was complete. 

Saturday morning we were up at 7:30, hitting the floor running.  The air outside was thick and hot, of course, but we powered through, and the movers arrived at 12:30 just as the daily hurricane came through.   Surely, you know what hurricanes I refer to:  the summertime, 3:00pm, monsoon with crazy winds that comes and goes as fast as Jake and Vienna’s relationship.  Sorry for the Bachelor reference.

Rooms and I stood in the kitchen as 3 drenched, BIG boys carried our furniture out in 1 hour flat.  We were amazed as they would each grab a whole mattress by themselves as if they just picked up a pillow.

We made it to the new house, all furniture still in one piece, and began the even more dreaded unpacking.  And 4 days later, I tell you…

The unpacking continues.

Our den and kitchen are complete, but our bedrooms are a work in progress.  My mom, with her huge servant’s heart, offered to come up this week to help me get organized and finish my room.  And I am so thankful!  Her help is soo appreciated, and I know she’s having a blast browsing Pier 1 and organizing while I sit in my cubicle at work..

So now that moving is done, it’s almost time for VACATION!   Leaving for the beach in T-minus 48 hours…


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