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May 5, 2010 / Katy

The heart of Nashville

Today, I look outside to blue skies and sunny, 80 degree weather.  But, the devastation of our city leaves our hearts a little bit colder and emptier.   The pictures of The Grand Ole Opry, Opryland Hotel, and Downtown Nashville are hard to see, and the destruction to the houses and cars of neighbors, friends, and co-workers it’s nothing short of heart-breaking.

But I have to tell you this.  This city, and its people are the reason I’ve been raving over Nashville for the past year.  As houses flood, businesses lose power, and everyone is inconvenienced, I’ve seen the heart of Nashville come alive.  When it would be easy to sit inside and stay glued to the television, people are itching to get out and help.  Crosspoint Community Church (as well as many other churches) has set up flood relief efforts out of their Bellevue campus, Hands On Nashville has organized volunteer projects, and many people are just driving around looking for a neighbor in need.  Belmont University gave their employees 3 days paid vacation to go out and volunteer with flood relief.   Thomas Nelson organized a group of employees to help out co-workers in need, on Monday, when our offices were closed.   What I felt about this city over the past year is becoming real in front of my eyes- we are family.

Monday afternoon, Dre, Graham, and I heard about volunteers needed to help build a wall of sand bags at the Metro Center in Nashville so we decided to head out to see what we could do.  We arrived along with about 50 others, and waited for instructions.  People continued to gather and an hour later there were approximately 250 people lined up, passing sand bags up a hill to build a wall.  I was floored by the amount of people that were there;  ready to walk through feet of water, get muddy, and give some time back to this city.

Thank you, Nashville.   Thank you for loving your neighbors, for not being content with doing nothing, and for being an example of how we are to love others. 

To all of you, in Nashville, or not, let’s continue to pray for this city as the amount of destruction begins to unfold and the healing and recovery process begins.  We have a long road ahead and your prayers and donations are truly appreciated! 

Here are some resources you may want to check out: (Check out their flood relief section) (Great resoure for news, opportunities, etc) (Excellent blog on Nashville) (Nashville Red Cross)


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