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May 2, 2010 / Katy

Thoughts from the ark.

Well, the insanity of the weather this year continues.  It’s flooding in Nashville and I somewhat feel like I’m on Noah’s ark, watching the rest of the world drowning under water around me.  I thankfully live on the 3rd floor of my apartment complex and we have no flooding in our parking lot.  But I’ve been glued to the television all day watching the news show pictures of Nashville where houses are covered in water, cars have been swept down stream, power lines are down, and cars are stranded on the interstate.   They keep showing places around town that I can hardly recognize anymore because of the standing water.

I have never seen this much rain in my life, nor have I ever experienced a flood this bad.  So, as I’ve been stuck inside for the past 24 hours, here are some things going on:

1) I have never heard SO many sirens before.  Every 5 minutes, I hear another police car, firetruck, or ambulence drive by.  The sirens are continuous.

2) I’m completely addicted to the news.  I just can’t stop watching as they show more rescues, tell more stories of road closings, and update us on the weather.

3) I’ve been extremely thankful for Twitter.  I sometimes think Twitter is boring, but this weekend I’ve appreciated it for the ability to stay connected with people, local news, and church and work cancellations.

4) I wish I had gone to the grocery store earlier in the week!  I’ve had to get creative with my meals.  I’m out of milk, bread, eggs, lunch meat, fruit.  I have plenty of random food in my pantry and some things pushed back in my refrigerator that I didn’t know were there, so I’m just eating whatever I find!

5) I’ve been inside for 24 hours now and I have another day to go.. I can’t imagine 40 days on an ark!  I’ve watched lots of movies, lots of episodes of Glee, and spent plenty of time on my computer.  I’m very thankful we haven’t lost power.

The flooding is absolutely insane, but I’m thankful that I’m safe, have power, and have food.  And I’m praying for the many Nashvillians that have lost their homes, cars, and even lives.


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