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April 29, 2010 / Katy

My Normie.

I miss this face.

That’s my Normie.  Or really his name is Norman, and I miss him alot.  He lives at home with my parents, so I don’t get to see that adorable face very often.  Why’s his name Norman?  Well, when we got him 8 years ago, our family made a list of names we liked and then narrowed it down.  All I remember the list including were the names “Bebo” and “Norman” because we loved the artist, Bebo Norman’s, music at the time.  Adam said that if this dog were a human, he’d definitely be a nerd so “Norman” just seemed to fit.

And let me tell you.  My Normie is indeed nerdy.  And quirky.  Most people that come to the house don’t usually like Norman.  He’s shy, nervous, and barks at every car that drives by.  But with me, he’s just the opposite!  He’s always my snuggle buddy and would sleep at the end of my bed every night.  He’s playful and sweet, and never passes up a good nap with me on the couch.

But not everyone has had such a great experience with Norm.  My parents take him with them whenever they go to our beach condo, and he throws up in the car every. time.   He shakes nervously during thunderstorms, growls if you get near his food, has skin allergies, hates the blow dryer, throws up when he gets nervous, and has to eat special dog food.  When strangers come over, he won’t come when they call, and he pulls his head back when they try to pet him.

And he’s always been this strange.  The day we got him, he had really long hair, and did nothing but crawl on his belly across our rugs and wouldn’t walk on the hardwood floor.

He’s special.  But he’s my precious puppy that I miss so much!  I miss him running to the front door when I’d walk in from school everyday, miss playing on the floor with him (as he attacked my hands..) but I especially miss my snuggle buddy 🙂



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  1. theboatmans / Apr 30 2010 3:21 pm

    Normie is cute but not that fun (let’s be honest). And, Katy, you make him sound like a real joy – baha! But…you speak the truth!

  2. sashyjane / May 3 2010 9:15 am

    Our Tater won’t walk on hardwood floors either! They should hang out.

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