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April 23, 2010 / Katy

Hercules’ 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

I was googling “Facebook Etiquette” the other day to see if there really were written rules out there, or an article that had been done on the subject.  And indeed there is.  But I decided I’d like to offer my 2 cents on the proper use of facebook.  Expert I am not, but socially aware? I am.

1.  If you’re going to play games and use applications on facebook, please don’t publish the results for all to see.  If there’s a particular person you’d like to show that you gained 10 cows while playing on Farmville, send them a message.  Or just save yourself the time, I can tell you right now- they don’t care.

2.  There is no need for you to “like” EVERY status that your friend posts.  If they need that much affirmation that their life is interesting or funny, they should see someone about that.  Your “liking” their every move is nothing but obnoxious. 

3.  If you change your relationship status, 1) be fully aware that everyone will see it on their newsfeed, and 2) be aware that people will comment.  Nothing wrong with changing it, but just know that we don’t care if you go from “It’s complicated with ________” to “single.”  I’m sorry, but what part of the complicated relationship would make me think I should date you when you’re single?

4.  If I write on a mutual friend’s wall that I’m excited we’re going to grab dinner that night, it’s not ok for you to ask me the next day how dinner was, unless 1) you’re my best friend or 2) you’re my family.  While we all know it shows up on your newsfeed, the understood social rules of facebook is that you pretend like you never saw it.

5.  Be careful about how specific you get when making plans on facebook.  It’s ok to ask someone to grab coffee on their wall, but be careful about writing back with a time and place.  You don’t need everyone knowing exactly where you are. 

6.  It is OK to say no to a friend request.  You don’t have to be friends with everybody or with someone you went to high school with, but haven’t been friends with since.   If you aren’t friends in a real life, there’s probably no reason to be friends on facebook.

7.  If you go on a trip to a beautiful place and take lots of pictures of the scenery, sparse us, please, by not posting an ablum of 50 pictures of just scenery.  Sure, show us a few highlights, but we want to see YOU in the pictures, not the trees.

8.  Take it easy on the status updates.  I’m guilty of this myself, but we don’t need every detail of your day.   If you’ve posted more than twice a day that might be too much depending on what you’re posting about.  For example, don’t tell me what you ate for lunch and then tell me what you ate for dinner.  Don’t need to know.

9.  If you need to write a wall post that’s longer than a few sentences consider writing a message.  And please oh please don’t write super personal things on a wall.  Again, send a message instead.   Too many people are pretending no one else can read your wall when in fact it’s showing up on others’ newsfeeds!

10.  Commenting on someone’s status means commenting on what they posted, not just striking up random conversation.  I’ve seen it done by some of you Facebook-newbies!  Just stopping by to say hey is done on their wall, not done on their status about being excited to watch Glee Tuesday night.

Happy Facebooking everyone.


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