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April 22, 2010 / Katy

My party cardy.

I have to tell you about one of those essential pieces of a wardrobe.   It’s one of those must-haves that can complete an outfit or make a dull black shirt more fun.  It’s my party cardy. (cardy meaning cardigan).  If any guys started reading this, I’m sure I’ve lost you by now.  Sorry ’bout it.

I bought a greenish/yellowish/gold cardy last spring and have worn the heck out it.  Many of you can testify to this. 

After I first bought it, I showed it to Ansley and as most people do, she asked: “What color do you call that?” And, “what does it go with?”

Now, I am no fashionista, so I don’t have much reason to explain why this is a good thing, but the random color of this cardy allows it to go with EVERYTHING.  And I’ve proven it.  I think Stacy and Clinton of “What Not to Wear” would be proud.

I’ve worn it over many dresses, tank tops, etc.  I’ve worn it with white, black, brown, navy blue, multi-colored tanks, and patterns.  It’s good for keeping my shoulders warm if it’s a little chilly, covering up small straps when those aren’t appropritae for work, enhancing the colors I’m already wearing, making a shirt more exciting, and just overall making my outfit more fun.

So, I’m telling you folks.  You need a party cardy!  It’s an asset to every outfit.  And to make this more fun (ha), here’s an accrositc of what you need to look for in a party cardy:

P- pretty

A- affordable

R- re-wearable

T- trendy

Y- youthful

C- comfortable

A- accenting

R- random color

D- durable

Y- year-round (meaning you can wear it all year)

please note I had to google: adjectives starting with the letter y.  It was a struggle.


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