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April 15, 2010 / Katy

Clean slate

I have a love-hate relationship with a blank page.  During so many years of school, a blank page meant a project undone, an assignment not started, and an enemy in my way.  I spent hours staring at blank pages, waiting for a brilliant, A-worthy idea to come to mind.   The pure white of a clean page would make my eyes blur as I stared and hoped that the paper I had procrastinated to begin would finish itself.  I would write mindless sentences just hoping that my useless words would take up space to satisfy my minimum page-number guidelines.  Blank pages were evil.

These days, that hatred has turned into more of a love.  A blank page has the ability to take me from a bored, dull mood to an excited and intrigued one.   I can start anywhere.  I can write about anything.  Today, for example, I was a little bored, and found myself wondering what I could busy myself with.   I knew I needed to write another blog post, but was frustrated that I didn’t have a story to tell or any neat insights on life.   So, I just opened up Microsoft Word, clicked on “New” and “Blank Document” and here I found myself with an idea.  I began to write, and I was immediately changed from a girl watching the clock tick, to a girl wishing the time would slow down, so these words could complete my story.

The blank page is mine.  Mine to fill, mine to decorate, mine to entertain.  I don’t consider myself a writer or even an intriguing blogger, because I just do what we all have the desire to do: share life.  No one is grading my work, no one is judging it (well secretly maybe you are).   But here it is.  A blank page made whole and a day made brighter.  Give me an assignment and maybe this page will lose its glow, but give me a blank page that’s mine for the taking, and I’ll find in it the beauty of a slate washed clean.


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