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April 13, 2010 / Katy

Reality (tv) check.

My T.V. thoughts…

1.  “Dancing with the Stars”–  While I don’t watch this show religiously, I catch it enough to know that Kate Gosselin needs to go home.  If ever anyone needs to get out of the limelight it’s Kate.  Go home, woman.  Be quiet.  And spend time with your kids.  On the other hand, it’s hilarious to see Jake from the Bachelor dancing.  He may have chosen Vienna Sausage as his bride, but what’s not to love about that guy?

2.  “American Idol”– I think many would agree this season is a disappointment.   While I still tune in every Tuesday night, I have no outstanding favorites.  I agree with the majority that Crystal Bowersox seems to have the most talent with her “this is who I am” style.  I was shocked to see Big Mike in danger of going home last week.  With his likeability and soothing R&B vocals, he would rank 2nd in my list of Idol hopefuls. The rest are just mediocre in my book.  Lee has definite talent, Casey is a pretty boy with a guitar that you could find inside any bar of downtown Nashville, Katie Stevens (who I actually root for) is very likeable, but in need of more training, and Siobhan is just strange.  But at least she stands out.

3. “Glee”- Yes, I realize this is not a reality tv show, but OMG, it returns tonight!  As the proud owner of Season 1 DVD, and both soundtracks, I. am. pumped.  It doesn’t get much better than a TV show full of awkward teens, musical numbers, and sarcasm.  Bring it on!

4.  Things that haven’t changed: “16 and Pregnant” is still a train wreck, “Kendra” is surprisingly addicting, the 5pm airing of “Say Yes to the Dress” fits in well to my afternoon routines, and the Food Network never fails to offer some great entertainment as I cook heat-up my dinner.


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