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April 6, 2010 / Katy


Today you get my random thoughts.  A plethora of thoughts, if you will.  I’ve always liked that word: plethora.  

I have not one story, but many.   Congratulations.

1)   When I was 6, a curly headed girl named Lindsay moved in across the street from me.   We’ve been best friends ever since, and she got ENGAGED last week!  I’m so happy for her and Dan!!

2) Everytime I see a little girl walking around, I end up staring at her and imagining what it’s going to be like when my niece gets here!   That whole sentence just sounded really creepy.

3) This past weekend I went to Gatlinburg for a girls’ weekend to celebrate my friend, Hillary’s, birthday.  It was an incredible weekend filled with lots of laughter, a day at Dollywood, dressing up in Western clothes, hot tub relaxing, great conversations, inside jokes, and new friendships built.  It was was a weekend made for the soul.

4)   This coming weekend I go home to Augusta for the Masters golf tournament.  This is one of my favorite times of the year, and the only time of year I pay attention to golf.   Every Augusta native knows the feeling of anticipation as the golf carts begin showing up on the front lawns of businesses, people rush to get their houses ready to rent out, the khaki pants get ironed, and we all get ready for egg salad sandwiches from the National.   It’s like Christmas in Augusta.

5)   I look like I’ve been beaten.  I have a giant bruise on my right arm and another on my left leg.  I’m wearing a dress today to work and I always fear someone’s going to ask if I need help.  But no.. I’m just clumsy.  The bruise from my arm came from Dolly Parton. (Ok, it came from a roller coaster at Dollywood) and the bruise from my leg came from trying to climb down from a top bunk.  You can just call my Grace.

6)   Minus the pollen, do you not just love this weather?!  This is my first spring in Nashvegas, and I’m LOVING it!

That will be all 🙂


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