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March 29, 2010 / Katy

The Color Blue.

I was asking my friend [Erika] what I should blog about and she said, “the color blue.”  I thanked her for her sarcasm and then the wheels quickly began to turn in my head.  Why can’t I blog about the color blue?    There’s a play called “The Color Purple” (right, Oprah?), so why can’t there be a blog post called The Color Blue?    I’m doing it, people.  Here we go.

My blog post about the color blue, and why I [and Erika] love it so much:

1.  Blue means clear skies.  It means a cloudless, sunny sky like the one we had on Saturday, and that, my friends, is glorious.  Blue skies mean walks in the park, sitting in the grass, throwing a frisbee, eating frozen yogurt on a sunny patio, rocking on a front porch.

2.  Blue means water.  It means sitting by the pool, going to the beach, and playing on the lake.  Ok, I realize that alot of oceans and lakes aren’t blue, but roll with me, people!

Calm Blue Ocean

3.  Blue means peace.  It’s a color of serenity and calm.   Although, as I wrote this, I noticed that every outline of the websites and emails on my computer right now is blue.   They must be trying to calm me.   I see right through your mind games you emails!!

4.  Blue means beauty.  Call it cheesy, but when you think of a princess what color do you picture her wearing?   Blue.   Now, you can thank Disney and Cinderella for putting that image in your head, but for real- blue is beauty.   What color is the cover of Captivating, a book reminding women of their beauty and worth?  Blue.

And that’s that.  I love the color blue and I love what it represents.  And I love that I can blog about anything!   I asked Erika to contribute her 2 cents about what blue means to her as well.  This was the convo:

Katy:  So, why do you like blue so much?  Fill in this blank..  blue means _________.

Erika: Happiness.

There you have it, folks.  She’s a woman of many words.  And the inspiration to this blog post 🙂


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  1. erika / Mar 29 2010 9:12 pm

    haha i feel so special & loved :).

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