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March 25, 2010 / Katy

Happy Birthday Daddy Addy!


Here are some reasons why I’m glad you were born:

  • So you could be “Beezer the Clown” at my 6th birthday party, thus creating your nickname, Beeze.
  • So you could be the best babysitter I ever had.  (I actually cried every time my parents told me Adam was babysitting.  He got on my nerves back then.. )
  • So a certain article of clothing you had with Mickey Mouse on it could become an infamous family story.
  • So you could make me laugh at everything, including the 9823923481 skits and videos you did back in the youth group days.  My personal favorites being “The Man Down by the River,”  “Ty and De-bow,”  “Salt and Light,” and “Cops.”
  • So you could be a cool big brother that has always let me hang out with your friends, be a part of your life, and always available to give advice.
  • So you could one day marry Ansley, who is now one of my best friends.  It’s a joy to see ya’ll walk through life together and know that when I get married one day, I have a godly example of marriage to follow.

Happy 29th Birthday, Adam!!   I hope you have a great day.  I love you very much and I’m so excited to see you become a dad this year.   Thanks for being a great big brother!


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