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March 8, 2010 / Katy

Dear Spring Break,

I miss you terribly.  The warm weather outside and the eagerness to pull my flip flops out of the closet bring back memories of you.  I’m sorry I took you for granted all of those years.   The many years of spending the week going to the Masters, going to Hilton Head, cruising the Bahamas, and just plain relaxing are truly missed.   Spring Break, you now leave me with an empty hole in my heart and pasty-white skin.  I will do my best to smile as I see all of the facebook statuses from high schoolers and college kids about their time with you, and I will drool over my calendar as I find a time to take a vacation, and venture down to the beach.  For now, I’ll just relive some of our memories through old pictures…

Always missing you,

Spring Break 06- Hilton Head

Spring Break 07- Hilton Head

Spring Break 08- Cocoa Beach

Spring Break 09- Bahama cruiseeee



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  1. Lisa / Mar 8 2010 8:47 pm

    That’s why you become a teacher – so you still have spring break!! 🙂 Oh, and summer break, and winter break, and fall break…….

    Hope to see you in Nashville this weekend!

  2. Diva / Mar 10 2010 11:30 am

    You are so funny! I love reading your blog!!!

  3. Katie Allen / Mar 11 2010 2:33 am

    PLease note the ADPI t-shirt you have own in the 1st picture. It just madw my heart smile 🙂

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