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March 5, 2010 / Katy

Word of the week.

I’ve decided for fun (or maybe because of my current boredom in my cube) that I want to declare Fridays as “Word of the Week” day.   What does this mean?  Well, every Friday, I will reflect on my week and pick a word that either 1) describes my week, or 2) was an important part of it.  It may be a funny word, it may be serious, it may be sarcastic.  If you know me well, it will lean towards the later. 🙂

This week’s word of the week:  BLACK BEAN BROWNIES.

Now, I want very much to just leave you with that, but because I’m in a good mood, I’ll explain.

I came home Sunday night and Rooms had been baking all weekend.  She very kindly offered for me to try the brownies and scones she’d made.   I could tell she was very anxious for me to try the brownies.  So, I grabbed one, noticing it looked a little different and little extra fudgy, but not really thinking much of it.  I took a bite and she asked me what I thought by saying, “It’s a new recipe!”

I smiled, said it was ok, and blamed my lack of enthusiasm about them on the fact that they had nuts.  She then let me in on the secret.  There was a special ingredient- yes, BLACK BEANS.  Now, to her credit, there are plenty others that have made these and they have turned out well, but these were NOT so good!   Once she told me there were black beans in them, that’s all I could taste.

And let me tell you, they’ve become the joke discussion of the week.   Rooms brought them to lunch to get other peoples’ opinions and their reactions were very similar to mine.. black beans in the brownies = no good!

But I will say this, although her brownie experiment didn’t work out so well, the scones were awesome!  She’s making more this weekend.. whoo!!   I’m thankful I live with Betty Crocker!



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  1. dearabbyleigh / Mar 5 2010 4:32 pm

    seriously. i love black beans, but that was not delicious.

    yet we love dre and her cooking! cheers to more experiments. green bean mint ice cream??

    • Andrea Lucado / Mar 5 2010 4:46 pm

      Great idea, Abby!

      But seriously, what was I thinking? At least it became a blog-worthy moment. Here’s to staying away from the bean and brownie combo, for good!

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