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March 1, 2010 / Katy

Yesterday’s MVP: the Iphone.

Yesterday, I drove back to Nashville from my weekend trip to Milledgeville (pictures to come!).    What is normally supposed to be a 5 hour trip, turned into 8 miserable hours.  A tractor trailer had turned over on I24 in Chattanooga causing them to shut down the interstate for 3 hours.    Having no other option for getting back to Nashville, I had to wait out the closure, and hope that I would see my bed sometime before midnight. 

I was in quite a bad mood when I discovered the interstate had closed, and realized I was 1) by myself, 2) had no idea how to find another way home, and 3) already exhausted from the weekend.  But after some phone conversations, pit stop for snacks, and (I’ll admit it) a few tears, I realized there was nothing I could do but wait and make the best of it.   Some of the positive things I had to make myself realize:

1)  I was SO thankful for my iPhone.   I immediately googled the news about the traffic and looked for the estimated time of road openings.  I used my map to try and find another efficient way home (that was unsuccessful), and I spent plenty of time talking on the phone, texting, and playing on facebook and twitter.

2) I was thankful I had no where I was supposed to be.   I would’ve been even more stressed out if I had a deadline of when I needed to be back in Nashville, but I didn’t.

3) I was thankful for the large stack of random CDs in my car.   I always make roadtrip mixes when I travel, so I had fun playing CDs from roadtrips I took during college and reliving the memories.

4) And I was thankful for some solid “me time”.  I’m the type of person that refuels by spending time alone.   After an awesome weekend hanging out with friends, it was definitely nice to just sit by myself.    God knew it was time for me to slow down, even if I didn’t want to.


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  1. Ashtyn G / Mar 3 2010 6:15 pm

    Katy… it is definitely official. You are the best blogger I know. I have been sitting here reading your blog for the past forever and did not even realize the time was passing. I will definitely be a follower from now on!! haha!!! I’m sooo sad that I missed yall this past wkd! Dumb tonsils. They are gone now, suckers. ha! Well I love you! And I am excited about following your life in Nashville!


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