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February 18, 2010 / Katy

Just call me Aunt Hercules

I am so excited for Adam and Ansley!!  This week they have announced that they’re 12 weeks pregnant!  This will be their first child, as well as, my parents’ first grandchild.  Needless to say, everyone is thrilled!!   I am so happy that I am here in Nashville and can be here for every step and every milestone during Ansley’s pregnancy and the baby’s birth.   I can’t wait to see my brother become a dad and my best friend experience her dream of becoming a mom.  I cannnot imagine better parents.  

I, of course, am so excited to become an aunt.  I look forward to many nights of babysitting, buying lots of fun clothes for my niece/nephew, playing many games of peek-a-boo,  watching lots of Seaseme Street, teaching him/her to love music, telling him/her how awesome their parents are, watching Baby Boatman grow and learn, and handing baby back over to Adam and Ansley when it starts to cry.  Ha.. just kidding!  

Congratulations Adam and Ansley!  I know, without a doubt, you two will be incredible parents, and I am so excited to be in Nashville with you during all of this.  I can’t wait for September 2!


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  1. Angie H. / Feb 21 2010 4:44 pm

    Oh, how sweet!!!!

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