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January 12, 2010 / Katy

I am always cool.

Living in Nashville, you have to expect that you’ll probably run into a celebrity at some point in time.  There’s been many-a-story of running into _____ at the local Starbucks, seeing _______ at the gym, bumping into them on the bread aisle at the grocery store, etc.  So, of course, you have to play out in your mind what you would do if you ran into said famous person, and even more importantly what you would say.  But in all honesty, the beauty of Nashville is that it lets famous people be normal.  People rarely bother them when they’re out in public, and half the time you don’t recognize them.

BUT.  The other night I went to some friends’ house for a party and my friend texted me before-hand and said: “Just a heads up, ______ might be coming, so be cool.”

Blank represents a famous person, but we’ll just call her Susie.

I texted back: “I am always cool.” Duh. 🙂

I am a pretty big fan of Susie’s and my friends know this.  It was very smart for her to warn me instead of catching me of guard!  So of course I started running through scenario’s in my head.  If I talk to Susie… what do I say?

“You like the dip?  Oh good!  I made it!  You want the recipe?  Actually, I’ll just come by sometime and we can hang and I’ll show you how to make it.”     No, Katy, no.

“It’s really cold out tonight.”  <Always default to the weather.>

“Hey I’m Katy.” …… and that would be it.

After some time of role play through my head, I left for the party, excited to hang with good friends.   About 45 min to an hour passed by- I had eaten lots of dip, caught up with friends, etc.  I was talking to Ansley and both of us kept finding ourselves darting our eyes to the door every time it opened, and to our surprise after a little while, Susie walked in.  Now, this is where I had to go into “cool mode.”

I had been told to pretend like I didn’t care Susie was there..  So, she walked in the door, alone, and Ansley and I simply smiled and nodded at her as I said through my head, “I don’t care you’re here, I don’t care you’re here, I don’t care you’re here.”   Susie went to talk to the people she knew and hung out with them most of the night.  Again, I continued to role play in my head.  How do I just go by and say hi?  What in the world do I talk about?  Would she say, “Hi, I’m Susie.” And I’d say “DUH! EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!”  Embarrassing.

I kept my distance and continued hanging with my friends and little did I know, while I chatted it up with other people she left.  Oh well.  Opportunity gone, but for everyone’s sake I think it was a good thing.  Awkward moments avoided.

And little did I know, that 2 more of my favorite musicians would soon walk in the door, making for an even longer night of Katy playing it cool.  You gotta love Nashville!


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  1. AnnieBlogs / Jan 13 2010 1:59 pm

    I’m pretty sure this blog post is about me.

    And yes, Katy, I did love the dip. 🙂

    For real, you are always so cool. That’s why I love being around you.


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