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December 29, 2009 / Katy


Growing up, I always had the temptation to snoop for my Christmas presents.  I was told early on that there was no Santa, because I was freaked out by the thought of a giant, bearded man sneaking into my house at night, so my parents put me out of my misery. I mean, really?!  How is big fat man coming down your chimney at night called magical?!  I call it creepy.  Anyways- I knew my presents were always hidden around the house.

One year I found a pink and purple caboodle (who remembers that word?!) in my parents closet, and another year I found roller blades under my parents bed.   Sorry, Mom and Dad!!  You never knew I found that stuff!

It’s just so tempting to know there are surprises in the house for me!  But of course, once I ruined the surprise, it took the fun away.

My birthday is in 6 days, and because I won’t see my parents on my bday this year, they went ahead and gave me my presents to bring back with me after I went home for the holidays.

So there they are.

They’re sitting so nicely on my kitchen table.. just waiting to be opened.

Roomie is on present patrol duty.  She’s keeping me accountable for not opening them and she’s doing a good job too!  Yesterday, they were still in the white shopping bag Mom sent them in and today I took them out and put them on the table.  And she noticed and called me out!

Here’s to 6 more days of staring at the presents… 🙂


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