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December 28, 2009 / Katy

Calling all Kennys

My brother, Clay, married Connie.  My brother, Adam, married Ansley.  So, it has been decided (by my family) that I must marry a guy who’s name starts with a “K”.  We’re all about consistency here.

When I arrived home for Christmas this past week, I noticed my Mom had gotten new stockings this year.  Our older, kiddie-looking stockings had been retired and replaced by more decorative, mature stockings.  I walked over to the 3 stockings and noticed they had new monograms as well.  One reading, “Clay & Connie,”  another “Adam & Ansley.”  Glancing over to mine, I expected to find my name printed on top, which would one day be filled in with ” & K____”, but no.  It was blank. 

I, of course, pitched a small, but slightly justified baby-fit asking my Mom why I didn’t get my name on the new stocking.  Her response: “Well, we’ll monogram it when you get married one day.” 

One day.  That’s the part that bothers me… One day could be next year or one day could be 10 years.. who knows.  Now, disclaimer: I am not mad at my Mom for this!  In fact, this stocking incident made for some great family jokes over the week.  For example:

Because I did not get my name monogrammed on my stocking, the declared reason (decided by me, of course) was “it’s because I’m not married.”  So during the week, this reason became evident in other situations:

1) Following the Christmas Eve service, it’s tradition to take pictures by the giant Christmas tree in our church.  This year, I was put in front of the tree by myself to take a solo pic.  My repsonse: “it’s because I’m not married.”

2) Also, during the service, one of the pastors came down the aisle to speak to people as he exited.  He stopped to speak to Adam and Ansley and welcomed them home for the holidays.  I stood there, next to Ansley, smiling and nodding and waiting for my turn to shake his hand and say hello.  Nope.  He kept walking.  I turned to Ansley and said, “It’s because I’m not married.”

So, next Christmas we may have to fix this issue.  We’ve been through the K name’s.. Kyle, Kevin, Kendall, Kirk, and the family decided on Kenny.  You know, the no sleeve wearing, redneck type.  Because if you know me well you KNOW that’s my type… NOT.

So, calling all Kennys- I want my name monogrammed on my stocking.  🙂



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  1. Andrea Lucado / Dec 29 2009 9:23 am

    haha! great post katy. i’m keeping my eye out on the streets of nashville for a kenny that is katy-worthy 🙂

  2. erika / Dec 29 2009 11:47 am

    haha, i love it.

  3. Stephanie / Jan 12 2010 5:14 pm

    Too funny Katy! Yet, so true…:) I’ll keep my eye out as well!

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