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November 24, 2009 / Katy

I love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love spending time with family, sharing old stories, eating tons of food, and relaxing.  I am very thankful that most of my extended family is all in Augusta.  Every year we get together at my house where there’s usually at least 30 people gathered.  The kitchen is full of every kind of casserole you can imagine, each topped with cheese or marshmellows, and you always skip over the boring stuff like salad and fruit/jello molds, and head for the dessert bar.  The day is not complete without the guys throwing the football outside, a select group asleep on the couch, and Uncle Steve reminding Cousin Lee that at age 5 he was thankful for “the moonshine.”  Good times.  This year, I am super excited to head to my uncle’s new lake house for Thanksgiving!  It should make for some more great memories.  Here are some pics from some past Thanskgivings:

Adam, Ansley, and I- Thanksgiving 2008 at my house.  It was so hot that day that I wore a dress.. gotta love GA weather.

Thanksgiving 2006- The annual Christmas card picture taken every year.  Those pics are always hit-and-miss.

Ansley’s ring!  Adam proposed to Ansley the night before Thanksgiving 2006.  They made the announcment to the family on Thanksgiving.

All the girls on Thanksgiving 2005. 

Family beach trip weekend after Thanksgiving 2005.  Still one of my favorite family trips.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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