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November 17, 2009 / Katy

22 things I’m thankful for.

With Thanksgiving coming  up, once again it’s time to reflect on the things I am thankful for besides turkey and pumkin pie.   The past couple of years, at my college Bible study, the leaders would ask us to go around the room and share 3 things we’re thankful for, but they challenged us to be real; to say more than “my health,” say why you’re thankful for your health, why you’re thankful for family and friends, etc.  So today I challenge myself to do that.   And to share it with you.  (well I can’t expand on EVERYTHING.. because that would be the longest blog post ever, but I’ll expand on some.) And because I am 22, I’m listing 22 things:

1.  Freedom in Christ.  Romans 6:6-7

Side note: When writing this, I decided I’d wait til I got home to look up what verse I wanted to refer to in my Bible.  But then I remembered as I sit here at work, that I work at a Christian publishing company where I’m surrounded by TONS of Bibles all day.. DUH!

2. The absolute greatest Mom and Dad.  Seriously, I could NOT ask for better parents.  I am truly, truly blessed.   Mom, you are the  wisest, most humble person I know.  You are my friend, and you are my role model.  Dad, I have never met anyone with more of a giving heart than you.   You mean the world to me.  Thank you both for being so interested and involved in your children’s lives.

3.  Clay.  We may not see each other often, but as my big brother, I know you’re always there.  I look up to you, and admire your determination in life, kindness to people, and fun-loving spirit.

4. Adam.  I am thankful that our many common interests have given us a bond over the years.  You are such a role model to me, and I am thankful we live in the same town!

4.  Ansley.  My sister-in-law, but more importantly, my best friend.  I do not think I could have moved up to Nashville, without a job, and without a place to live if it wasn’t for your support, hospitality, and encouragment through it all.  I love you!

5. Connie; my newest sister-in-law!  Little did I know when I was 5 and wanted a sister, both my brothers would marry incredible women.  Forget the “in-law” part.  You are my sister, and I am so thankful for you!

6.  My bubble.  (Refer to one of my earlier posts, to see what I mean by that.)  My 5 best friends make up my bubble- Caroline, Lindsay, Dana, Tinsley, and Erika.  These girls are my family, my support, my encouragment.  They get me and love me for who I am.

7. Milledgeville, GA.  That town holds a special place in my heart.  My 4 years there impacted me more than any other years of my life.

8.  My trip to Africa in 2006.  That trip was the most emotionally and spiritually challenging thing I’ve ever done, but it helped me realize my passion for working with teenagers.

9.  Young Life.  I am passionate about this ministry.  It played a huge role in my college years, and I am excited to become a part of the ministry here in Nashville in a couple months.

10.  My job.  This time last year I was day dreaming about what I might be doing after graduation, and here I am.  I had no idea God would bring me to Thomas Nelson, but I am so thankful to have a job I enjoy and be in a place where I can learn and grow.

11.My boss.  Part of the reason I enjoy my job so much is because I have such a wonderful boss.  Brian, I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, humor, and dedication to your job.  Thank you for teaching me, being a leader, and being a mentor.  And most importantly, thank you for giving me a job!!

12. Trinity-on-the-Hill UMC.  This church played a huge role in my life from birth all the way until high school graduation.   No matter what church I go to, and where I end up, Trinity will always be “my home church” and my foundation.

13. MYF and LU- The youth group and youth choir at Trinity.  These are some of the greatest memories I have from my teenage years.  Going to camps, missions trips, touring the country and Europe, are things I took for granted at the time, but still cherish today.  My years in the youth group were what instilled leadership skills and a desire to serve in me.

14.  Roomie/Dre/AL :).  So what if we’ve only known each other like 2 months?!   Getting to share an apartment with someone who gets me is such a blessing.   I am thankful that you are my roommate!

15.  Nashville.  This place has been calling my name for 2 years, and now I’m slowing beginning to call it home.  I love this city and it’s passion for life and creativity.

16.  Nashville friends.  Starting over in a new town is not easy, but making new friends is the best part of it!   Thank you for helping the new girl find her home her in Nash.

17.  Kairos.  This service here in Nashville becomes the highlight of my Tuesdays.  The worship and teaching is truly powerful and have definitely challenged me.

18.  A new-found desire to go the gym.  Seriously, I have never enjoyed working out, and I don’t know what has made the difference!  Maybe it’s being able to release energy after sitting most of the day or maybe it’s appreciating going to the gym because I pay for it now, but whatever it is, I am thankful!

19. No. more. homework.  After doing homework for 16 years, it’s nice to come home and not have to worry about what’s due the next day, have projects hanging over my head, or stress over grades.

20. 4:30.  I am thankful for 4:30, that’s the time I get off work everyday 🙂

21.  Music.  Music gets me through my day.  It inspires me, it speaks to me, and it thankfully, it’s all over Nashville!

22. January 4th.  My birthday.  I’m thankful to be alive.  Cheesy? Yes.  But true.  I love life, love birthdays, and love that next year I’ll have to list 23 things I’m thankful for!



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  1. erika / Nov 17 2009 8:56 pm

    i like you a lot :).

  2. Angie / Nov 22 2009 2:44 pm

    You are beautiful Katy in more than 22 ways!! Love, Ms. Angie

  3. Brian / Nov 24 2009 1:38 pm

    Wow!! #11! I’m so honored! 🙂

    I’m equally as thankful to have you on the team! Just to be able to have a little fun during the day and have someone who just knows instinctively what it takes around here is a great blessing to me! I look forward to coming in every day knowing we make a great duo! Couldn’t do it without you!!!

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