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November 9, 2009 / Katy

Maid to the Bride

My brother, Clay and his fiance, Connie are getting married soon, and I am a bridesmaid in the wedding.   I’m very excited for them to begin their lives together and honored to get to be a part of the ceremony.

I have to make fun of myself, though, or make fun of girls in general, for the amount of prepartion we go through to be a bridesmaid.   As a bridesmaid, there are many things to consider about the big day, but the ironic thing is, that day is NOT about us!    Here are the things we do to prep:  (and every bridesmaid out there has to agree they’ve done the same thing!)

1. The dress.  The bride picks the dress, usually getting the bridesmaids’ opinion on it first.  In my case, I was very pleased with the dress Connie picked!  Once we get the dress in hand, we then try it on 100 times to make sure it sits right, is neatly pressed, and we have the right amount of spandex on underneath to “smooth things out.”  We practice walking around the house in it to see how it flows, pretend we’re walking down the aisle to make sure it looks good from all directions, and practice dancing in it, so we can break it down at the reception.

2. The shoes.   When those have been chosen, you then add them into the same routine as the dress.  You try them on, walk around, stand in them, scuff up the bottoms so you don’t slip, make sure you can walk down the aisle without tripping, and prepare a backup pair for the reception if needed.  Uncomfortable shoes can ruin a fun reception!

3.  Hair.  This is a tough category.  Making a decision about what to do with your hair can be difficult.  You have to take things into consideration: weather, inside or outside ceremony, is someone doing your hair for you or are you doing it yourself?  You then decide, do I want to wear it up, down, half up?  Curly, straight, wavy?  Too many decisions.  I’ve decided to curl mine and wear it half up.  I’ll be doing it myself which is risky, so in proper bridemaid’s fashion, I did a trial run this weekend.  After an hour, a half a bottle of hairspray, and a burnt finger, this is what I came up with:


Not too shabby. 

4.  Makeup.  Is someone doing your makeup or are you doing it?  If you’re doing it, then do you have everything you need?  You must decide on the what eye shadow color, real lashes or fake, blush, bronzer, etc.  I’m cheap when it comes to makeup.  Anything from Walgreens works for me.  I’ll be doing my own makeup for the wedding, and will make it up as I go!

5.  Tan.  This always depends on the time of year.  If it’s spring/summer do you have distracting tan lines you need to fix?  If it’s fall/winter, are you embarrassingly white?  The decisions then continue.  Do I just go with it?  Do I go to the frowned-upon tanning bed?  Do I risk turning orange and get a spray tan?  Tough category.  I decided to look into tanning lotion.  I bought Jergens tanning lotion and have been applying it everyday, and so far, I’m pleased!  Although- you must apply evenly.  One wrong move and you have a nice brown streak or spot making it look like you’ve been beaten.  Not good.

6.  Nails.  Most shoes for weddings are open-toed, so pedicures are usually needed (well for me, a pedicure is definitely needed!)  Luckily the decisions here are not too hard.  Decide on a color and you’re good to go!

I think that covers it.  But that is WAY too much stuff we girls think about and prepare for.  I admit, totally ridiculous!   I guess the preparation pays off though, and allows for a stress-free, easy-going day, so all of the attention and focus can be on the bride!


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