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November 3, 2009 / Katy

Why am I called Hercules?

I know this must be a question for some of you.  Why in the world are you called Hercules?  So, I figured I needed to clear that up.

As the only girl in my family, as well as the baby, everything I did growing up, was well… exaggerated.  For example, my brothers, Adam and Clay, would eat all the food on their plate and it was, “Oh good, boys, you must’ve enjoyed your dinner.”  But if I finished all my food, it was, “Oh, Katy!!!!!  You ate all your food!  Good for you!!!”  Exaggerated.

If the boys burped it was rude.  If I burped it was cute.

When the boys started working and entered the real world, it was, “Good for you, boys.”  For me, it was, “Katy!  Bless your heart!!”

So, where does Hercules come in?  Let me show you:

And so, ladies and gentlemen, my nickname was born.  (Sorry, about the random YouTube clip with subtitles.., it was the best I could find..)

To my brothers and my sister-in-law, I am forever known as Hercules.  I figured I might as well go with it!


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  1. theboatmans / Nov 5 2009 12:01 pm

    Oh, Herc! Bahaha.

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