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October 28, 2009 / Katy


(Posted Thursday, September 24, 2009)

So, I always feel like I have to wait until I have a funny story or inspirational thought to blog… but that is so silly of me. #1) It defeats the purpose of why I started this blog: to write because I love to write, and to share life with friends. And #2) It’s not like I have a multitude of people reading this thing- so no one really cares WHAT I write about!

Thank you for allowing to me to justify myself right there. 🙂

Today, I have no funny story, no new insight to life, no inspirational advice. Today I rejoice in the simple things: Pizza and Grey’s Anatomy!

Life is crazy, so much going on. Brother is getting married, roommate is moving in, work is stressful (at times), my 5 bffs are all in GA and I try to keep up with their lives, and my multitude of blog readers expect me to blog daily. (HA- totally kidding).

And we all know how great it is to have a night of nothing. A night to put on PJs, relax on the couch, and watch mindless T.V. so you can think about nothing. So, tonight, I am doing just that! Well-minus the PJs.

I’m so pumped to spend the evening with Ansley and Chris (Chris is a girl) to celebrate Chris’ bday with yummy pizza and Grey’s Anatomy. We will sit, eat, laugh, eat, catch up, eat, and watch Grey’s. And by the time we get to the 2nd hr of the season premiere, I will be delightfully full, probably falling asleep, but happily relaxing and rejoicing in the simplicity of thinking about nothing. Except for McDreamy, of course. 🙂


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