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October 28, 2009 / Katy

Moving on up.

(posted Friday, August 28, 2009)

Good grief. I haven’t blogged in forever! Oops. This whole day-job thing is taking over. I mean, I get up as the sun rises, and by the time I get home from work I want to go bed as the sun sets. Laaame. But life is good!

I’m currently sitting in my new apartment. Totally by myself. With no furniture. What a life! I officially move in 2 weeks from tomorrow. By officially, I mean my parents are bringing my furniture! It’s so exciting though just to sit in an empty room and know that it’s mine. Mine to decorate, mine to furnish. Okay, so yes, I have a roommate who will share all this as well, but work with me here. It’s a good feeling to look at the bare walls and think about what I want to put on them- pictures? Wall decorations? Art? I get to start over and put new pictures in frames, new decorations to match.

Call me cheesy and call me lame, but I can’t help but think how that mirrors my life right now. It’s a bare wall; a blank canvas. I have started something new here and I get to decorate how I wish. Every new experience is another piece of furniture or picture frame placed in my “life-apartment.”

Man, that really is cheesy. Excuse me. But seriously, though- every edition, every new friend, every new part of the job, every new experience makes me feel more and more at home.

So, yeah. Call me cheesy, call me lame, call me Herecules 🙂


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