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October 28, 2009 / Katy

I’m a slacker.

(posted Thursday, July 9, 2009)
So, I’ve totally slacked off on my blogging the past week or so. Oops. Please forgive me.

As many of you know, my rollercoaster journey of searching for a job has come to a stop. Three days ago, I was offered a job at a great publishing company here in Nashville. What an opportunity! This could definitely open up many doors for my future. And look how quickly God took my vulnerability and gave me an opportunity I never expected. It was just a few weeks ago, that I was confident enough to rejoice in the writing God’s blessed me with and now He’s opened up the world of publishing to me.

Something I read recently has stuck with me over the past couple of weeks and it speaks exactly to this situation. I’ve been slowly going through the book of John, and this particular story stuck out to me. In John 1, it describes how Nathaniel comes to Jesus and Jesus says, “‘Here is a true Israelite; no deceit is in him. (v47)'” Nathaniel is shocked because He’s never met Jesus before and has no idea how Jesus already knows who he is. Nathaniel asks Jesus how He knows him and Jesus explains, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you (v48).”

Nathaniel is again shocked and amazed. “”Rabbi,’ Nathaniel replied, ‘You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!'”

At this point I feel like Jesus probably just gives a little chuckle a lightly shakes His head. This is what he tells Nathaniel. The point that sticks out to me:

“‘Do you believe only because I told you I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than this. (v50)'”

You will see greater things than this. That is what God has been saying constantly to me over the past couple of weeks. I slowly began to see His delight in me being in Nashville over the past couple of weeks. Day after day there has been one more reason or one more person that I’ve met that has confirmed in me that I’m where I’m supposed to me. But He quickly said, “Katy, you will see greater things than this.”

Now, I have this job. A full-time, 40hr/week, big-girl job with benefits. I’m so excited, so thankful, so hopeful, but still He tells me, “You will see greater things than this.”

May today and everyday we realize that the God we love, the God we serve is bigger, better, and greater than anything we dream or write on our calender. For every plan that we accomplish, every dream that comes true, and every goal that we reach, He holds it in His hands with a chuckle and slight head nod saying, “My child, you will see things greater than this.” And for that, to God be all the glory.


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